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What age should I start teaching my kids the Quran?

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.

During pre-school when the child is between 0-6 the teaching approach is very relaxed and emphasis is based on learning through play. I highly recommend this attitude towards teaching the Quran as well.

Alhamdulah, the fact that you are searching for this question shows your dedication to teaching your child the most important book in his/her life.

There isn’t actually a set age or standard to follow in regards to exactly when you should start teaching them. That is completely up to you as the parent of the child. However it is important to note there is a reason formal education in both the Muslim and non-Muslim world doesn’t usually start until a child is 6 or 7.

So when should you start teaching your kids the Quran? The answer is as soon as you like. It could be as early as when they are in your womb or sat on your lap.

Children are on the fitrah they already love the Quran and everything about Islam. Make sure your teaching method doesn’t change that.

Here are some examples of when you could read to them out loud, or have them read after you:

*While playing tag or hide and seek (when you catch them or find them you read a short Surah together before the next chase or game starts.

*While colouring in or playing jigsaw (this could be a very peaceful time and reading the Quran while doing it just adds that bit of extra harmony to it)

*While they are playing in the bath (Just make sure the toilet lid is closed)

*Before putting them to bed

*In the car, especially short distances as they are more alert and not bored or tired of the journey yet.

*While walking or playing in park e.g. while pushing them on the swings

Keep it short and sweet....

Read to them daily and for a few minutes at a time.

In this way they are constantly listening to the Quran and becoming very familiar with the sounds making it easier for them to memorise later.

There is no need to add strain to it by turning it into a strict structured learning routine.

I know you may come across other children or even your own children that have learnt quite a lot at a young age and you feel the need to do that with your child or the rest of your children, however please don’t compare children. Every child is different and needs his/her time to learn new things and rushing them puts a strain on your relationship with them and isn’t good for them.

If you feel you want to actively teach them SOMETHING, then teach them good akhlaaq or manners. Whilst at pre-school it is the best time to teach your kids the importance of telling the truth, being kind, always smiling, being fair and sharing. You could also explain hadiths to them that have taught us these manners.

May Allah make this journey easy for you and your child and bless you every step of the way.


If you find your child is old enough to memorise the Quran but doesn’t understand what he is learning, please check out ‘My First Quran With Pictures’ It explains the meanings of the verses by having a picture alongside it. Every ayah is explained with a picture. Have a look yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Your sister Shereen Sharief

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